Akihabara(秋葉原) shopping district


Akihabara is known as Tokyo’s electronic district. The streets of Akihabara has so many electronic shops ranging from small to electronic shopping malls. You can also find reuse shops for electronic items along the streets. Anime and Manga stores are the main attraction of the Akihabara electronic district. Always crowded with people, Akihabara station and the electronic arcade situated here can satisfy with any electronic item if you want something. Some shops have duty free items and electronic gadgets that can be used abroad also. Video gaming stations and cafes with waitresses in Manga or Anime dress up are all attractions of this area. Many branded electronic shops are also part of this shopping street. You can also find restaurants and cafes in between them. Akihabara crossfield is a shopping complex that houses a number of shops in it while it is the IT centre of the place which hosts many offices inside its upper floors.


  1. Walking distance from JR Akihabara Station.
  2. Walking distance from Suehirocho station of Ginza subway line.