Tokyo tower(東京タワ)

Tokyo tower was the most important landmarks of Tokyo city. It was the communication tower of Tokyo with a height of 333 meters. The tower is built in the model of Eiffel tower of Paris. Vermillion painted tower is one of the unique structures of this kid made of steel. The observatory decks of the tower offer nice views of Tokyo city from its various directions. The four storey building beneath the tower houses restaurants, museum, an amusement area, souvenir shops etc. With an entrance fee, visitors can enjoy the views of Tokyo city from the observation deck situated at a height of  150 meters.

Tokyo tower.

As the height of some of the buildings of Tokyo crossed the tower and Japan’s communication system advanced from analog to digital, Tokyo tower was unable to do broadcasting services, which is now done by the Tokyo Sky tower which was opened in 2011.

Tokyo tower.


  1. Kamiyacho station on Hibiya subway line.
  2. Onarimon Station on Mita subway line.

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