Imperial Palace(皇居), Tokyo

Imperial palace is the residence of Japanese Imperial family. A huge park is situated here in the vast grounds of a former castle that existed here during the Edo Period. The garden consists of a Japanese garden and both sides of the pathway is adorned with many Cherry trees, pine etc. The huge stone walls and surrounding moat borders the vast palace grounds.

Nijubashi, Tokyo

Nijubashi is a famous bridge that connects the outer area with the palace ground. Visitors can walk through the outer gardens surrounding the palace. The inner garden and palace building are not open to the public.

On January 2nd and on Emperor’s Birthday, the Imperial family members make several appearances for the public. The east garden of the imperial palace is open to the public all the time where we can find some remainings of the older castle.

A beautiful Japanese style garden is present at the area with ponds, trees etc. The foundation of the former castle tower could also be seen nearby.

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10 minute walk from Tokyo Station