Yuba(ゆば), Nikko’s unique food

Yuba Udon

Every place of Japan has a unique food item. And Yuba is the unique taste of the Tochigi Prefecture, especially Nikko area. Yuba is actually made of the thin layer formed on the top of warm Soymilk. It is a perfect vegetarian food that could be tried by vegans. Walking through the streets of Nikko, you can find Yuba in every restaurant and there are some restaurants with Yuba featured dishes only. You can even find Yuba in wide varieties like Yuba curry rice, Yuba udon, Yuba Sushi, Yuba Ramen and even Yuba flavoured snacks too.

Yuba curry rice

You will be really surprised as you can see Yuba flavoured soft cream in some shopping. Having something with Yuba is of course, a don’t miss experience while visiting Tochigi.