Toshogu Shrine(東照宮)

Toshogu Jinja is one of the glorious shrines in Japan. The shrine consists of many sub-shrines inside a forest area. Comparing with other shrines of Japan, this shrine is gorgeous in its construction.


Everywhere is painted in various colours. We can see a lot of colourful wood carvings inside the shrine complex. One among them is the carving of three monkeys, known as Misaru Iwasaru Kikasaru.

There is a huge dragon painting inside the Honjido hall of the shrine where visitors could hear a sound made by two wood pieces near the dragon. The main hall of this shrine is dedicated to the souls of historical persons including Ieyasu, a former Japanese King.

A museum is also located inside the shrine complex where the armours and belongings of Ieyasu are kept. The five-storeyed pagoda here will be sometimes open to visitors with a separate entrance fee.