Arashiyama bamboo forest

The bamboo forest of Arashiyama is famous through its beautiful photographs. The lane in the midst of bamboo groves with long bamboo trees on its both sides is really a nice sight. The path extends from the Tenryuji temple to the small shrine called Nanomiya Jinja. The bamboo trees dancing in the light breeze with a music and sunlight falling here and there through its moving shadows gives a great feeling while walking through the bamboo lane. For those who love to have a calm walk through the path and esp. for photographers, early mornings are the best time as it will be crowded with visitors. During the first half of December, this bamboo forest will be illuminated from 5 pm to 8.30 pm. A trip to Arashiyama is not complete unless you walk through the bamboo grove behind the Tenryuji temple.