Kinkakuji is the golden Buddhist temple of Kyoto. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Japan. This Zen Buddhist temple is covered with golden leaves on its upper two floors. The three-storeyed temple building stands in the middle of a pond.

Kinkakuji, Kyoto

Surrounded by a vast beautiful Japanese garden, this place is a perfect destination during all the four seasons. The autumn foliage of this place is very famous.  Snow-filled Kinkakuji is another beautiful sight while the summer adorns the area with a pleasant greenish atmosphere with the clear reflections of the Golden pavilion in the water. The pond is called ‘Kyoukochi’ which means ‘Mirror Pond’.

Dragon Gate waterfall and Carp Stone, Kinkakuji

This temple’s original name is Rokuonji and because of the golden colour, it is now known popularly as Kinkakuji (‘Kin’ means ‘gold’). At the top of Kinkakuji, there is a statue of a Phoenix bird. Visitors are not allowed to enter the temple building. This temple is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The entrance fee costs 400 yen per person.

The custom of offering coins over Buddha idols, Kinkakuji.

There is an Edo period tea house named Sekkatai situated in the Kinkakuji grounds. There is a new tea house for visitors near this area. Visitors can enjoy the green tea sitting inside the tea house or in between the cool environment of the garden. A temple named Fudou-dou is situated here which enshrines the Buddhist god Fudou-Myou.