Mie(三重) prefecture

Mie prefecture is famous for the Grand shrine, Ise Jingu. There are many hot springs in Mie prefecture. Nagashima spa land is one of the famous places. The famous winter illuminations of Nabana no Sato is another important attraction.

  1. Ise Jingu
  2. Nagashima Spaland
  3. Nabana no Sato.
  4. Toba Island: Toba island of Mie prefecture is famous as the birthplace of cultured pearls. Mikimoto Pearl island situated here has a pearl museum, pearl ornament collections and we can watch women divers collecting pearl. There is an aquarium with lots of aquatic species, coral reefs etc.  kept in their natural habitats. Being an island, it is famous for fresh seafood. There are a lot of restaurants in Toba island where visitors can enjoy various foods.

    Toba island, Mie