Tottori(鳥取) Prefecture

Tottori is situated in the Chugoku region of Japan. Tottori Sankyu(Sand dunes of Tottori) is the most important attractions of this place. The environment of this place changes with seasons.

Sand dunes of Tottori
  1. Sand dunes: Sand dunes od Tottori are the largest sand dunes of Japan. It extends to about 16kms over the coastal area. The area will be changing its appearance in every season. A lot of tourists are coming to this place every year. Visitors can enjoy a ride in a camel cart or horse cart through the sand dunes. There is an observation deck also which provides a fantastic view of the sand filled coastal region. Chair-lift service is also available through the sand dunes. Paragliding and sandboarding could also be experienced here.
  2. Sand museum: Sand Museum of Tottori has works done by famous artists. Large and small sculptures made with sand are displayed in this museum building. The theme of exhibition changes every year.
    From Tottori Sand museum

    3. Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park: It is one of the largest flower parks of Japan. This vast garden has illuminations in holidays of July, August and during Xmas seasons.There is a dome with beautiful orchids and other flowers, a flowerbed in water surface and a European-style garden. The vast flower gardens on the side of a hill is really beautiful. There is a tram service available within the garden premises.

    Tottori Hanakairo flower park