Kagawa prefecture(香川県)

Kagawa is the smallest prefecture of Japan and it lies in the Shikoku island. The main sites in Kagawa includes: 

  1. Naoshima island: Naoshima is an island of artworks and installations done by Benesse corporation.
  2. Teshima islandTeshima also has an arthouse and some artworks installed by the Benesse corporation. 
  3. Kompirasan: It is an ancient and most important shrines of the prefecture situated in the Kotohira town. There is an old Kabuki theatre named Kanamaruza near this shrine.  
  4. Marugame castle: Marugame castle is located in the port area of the Kagawa prefecture. It is a small castle surviving in its original form until now. 

    From Naoshima siland

Food: Sanuki udon is the famous food of Kagawa prefecture. There are a lot of Udon shops in Kagawa prefecture.