Naoshima is one of the islands lying in the Seto Inland Sea. Belonging to the Kagawa prefecture, this small island is full of artworks and art museums. Many art installations could be seen all around the island which is mostly done by the Benesse Corporation. The museums include Chichu art museum, Benesse House, Lee Ufan museum, Ando Museum etc. There is a special Sentou bathhouse built in the midst of art works known as I love yu.


Chichu Bijitsukan (Chichu Art museum) 

The museum will change our overall concept about the museums we have seen so far. The museum buildings and the art works are entirely different from the usual ones. The artworks include some paintings, wooden sculptures, and so on which all are illuminated by natural light. The entire design of the museum is done in such a way that the artworks and nature mingle with each other to create a great feeling to its visitors.

inside Chichu museum


‘I love yu’ Sentou