Okayama(岡山) Prefecture

Okayama is one of the largest cities in the Chugoku region of Japan. It is the birthplace of the famous Japanese fairy tale ‘Momotaro’. The must visited places here are the Okayama castle, the nearby Korakuen Garden and the Kurashiki town.

  1. Okayama castle and Korakuen garden
Okayama castle

The Okayama castle is situated along the banks of the Asahi river. This six-storeyed huge castle building now serves as a museum displaying historical remains of the castle. Korakuen is a beautiful vast garden near the Okayama castle. The garden has a pond, walking paths, trees and plants that we could see in a typical Japanese garden. Along with that, there are vast lawns along the garden area which gave it a Western touch also.


2. Kurashiki town: It is a town along the coast of Inland sea and it preserves the old buildings. Kurashiki Bikan Chiku is one of the most important parts of this town. The Ohara art museum, a Kurashiki canal etc. are some other attractions.

4. Inujima: Inujima is a small island of Okayama prefecture. It can be accessed by boat and can walk through the island for sight seeing. 

3. Kibidango: Kibidango is the famous food item of Okayama as it is referred in the Japanese folk tale Momotaro. It is the sweet rice cake with millet filling. Kibidango is the best souvenir from Okayama. 

Kibidango : Okayama suvenier