Kurashiki(倉敷), Okayama

Kurashiki is a traditional town of Okayama prefecture with a lot of old style houses. Kurashiki Bikan Chiku is one of the tourist highlights of Okayama prefecture. The houses painted in white with some of them with blackish tiles, known as Namuko Kabe is one among the attractions of this place. Even the post office is working in an old building. There is boating facility available in a canal that is built along the Kurashiki Bikan Chiku. The canal is decorated on its both sides with weeping Willow trees. Visitors are given a chance to wear Japanese farmer hats while boating through the river.

Boating in Kurashiki

Yuurinan is a famous guest house of Kurashiki. Many foreigners used to stay here. The peculiarity of this guest house is that the guests are gathered around a big table and introduce themselves when they arrive at the inn. After checking into their rooms, they will further assemble at the table for their food. This guest house also provides some trip advice for their customers

Night view of Kurashiki

Kurashiki has many Sentou bathhouses. These are also old-style buildings with huge bathtubs which look old too. There are separate bathhouses for men and women in every Sentou centres.

Most of the buildings in Kurashiki are now housing some museums, souvenir shops, cafes, inns etc. Ohara art museum is a famous among them which displays works by various Western artworks. There is a toy museum in Kurashiki Bikan Chiku which has a great collection of toys from various part of the country since 18th century. Momotaro Karakuri Museum has many interesting things related to Momotaro’s tale.