Shiraoi Ainu museum (アイヌ民族博物館)

Ainu are the indigenous community of Japan. Currently, there are some Ainu living in Ezoga-shima of Hokkaido and some other small islands nearby. They look different from present Japanese people and have an entirely different lifestyle and culture. They even have a language also which is known as Ainu. You can experience Ainu culture, festivals and tradition at the Ainu museum of Hokkaido. The museum is called Porotokotan which is situated along the banks of Poroto Lake. There is a small replica of Ainu village with some thatched houses. Some Ainu dances, songs etc. are played in one of these houses according to the schedule. The household items of Ainu is demonstrated in another house.

There is a workshop with a small fee for visitors who like to experience Ainu traditional embroidery stitching, wood carving etc. In this small Ainu village, visitors can buy Ainu traditional items as souvenirs.