Sapporo is one of the most important destinations in Hokkaido. It is the capital city of Hokkaido. The New Chitose Airport of Hokkaido is situated here.

  1. Sapporo Ramen: Sapporo Ramen is one of the most famous foods of Japan. We can see so many shops with Sapporo Ramen all around Japan. Hence, eating Sapporo Ramen at Sapporo is a must do when you are in Hokkaido. Hokkaido’s fresh veggies, meat and seafood will give you the authentic taste of the Ramen. You can see a lot of Ramen shops in Sapporo.
  2. Snow Festival(雪祭り): Sapporo snow festival is the most famous winter events in Japan. It is conducted from February 6 to 12 every year.  It is conducted in three places: Odori Park, Susukino and Tsudome, the main among them being the Odori Park where this festival originated. 
    From Snow festival

     Lots of huge and small snow sculptures are exhibited at the Odori park and Susukino during this festival. Snow rafting, slides etc are present in the Tsudome. Hundreds of visitors are coming to watch this festival every year. The illuminations during the festive nights add up to the beauty of the Odori park which can be enjoyed from an observation deck of Sapporo TV Tower.

  3. Maruyama zoo(円山動物園): Maruyama zoo the oldest among the four zoos of Hokkaido. There are a lot of animal species here. There is also a section for children where some sheep, birds, rabbits etc. are kept.

    Zoo entrance
  4. Clock Tower(時計台): The clock tower of Sapporo is listed among the Important Cultural Properties of Japan. It is a historical symbol as well as the landmark of Sapporo. The wooden building with a clock above it is built in a Western style. It serves as a museum of history with its two floors of exhibits.

    Sapporo clock tower
  5. Beer museum and beer garden(サッポロビール博物館):  Sapporo beer is the most popular brand of beer in Japan. The museum exhibits the history of beer and the process of beer making. Visitors can taste the beer at the end. The beer garden has a vast hall with restaurants. Visitors can enjoy the beer along with Hokkaido’s Jingisukan.

    Sapporo beer museum