Travel through various Japanese prefectures.

If you love going to Japan and if your Japan trip lasts for at least a month, I recommend you to travel from the North-South covering various prefectures of Japan. Here, I am sharing some must do’s in various Japanese prefectures. Even though Japan is not a very big country, there are differences in nature, lifestyle and food in various places. Extending from Hokkaido to Okinawa, the climate is also entirely different.

Of course, I have not yet travelled to all places. But, I will complete the listings here in the very future. Here, along with my own travel experiences I am reporting the experiences of one of my Japanese friend, Megumi, whose ambition is to travel around the world. She has travelled to all the Japanese prefectures in her 20 years of life. She managed to travel making use of the cheapest transportation and accommodation facilities during her High School and University. For those who are staying here in Japan, that information will also be helpful. Currently, she is working and still travelling to foreign nations, during her holidays.

Japanese prefectures are grouped into nine regions:

  1. Hokkaido (北海道)
    1. Hokkaido
  2. Touhoku(東北)
    1. Aomori(青森)
    2. Iwate (岩手)
    3. Miyagi(宮城)
    4. Akita(秋田)
    5. Yamagata(山形)
    6. Fukushima(福島)
  3. Kanto(関東)
    1. Ibaraki(茨城)
    2. Tochigi(栃木)
    3. Gunma(群馬)
    4. Saitama(埼玉)
    5. Chiba(千葉)
    6. Tokyo (東京)
    7. Kanagawa(神奈川)
  4. Chubu(中部)
    1. Niigata(新潟)
    2. Toyama(富山)
    3. Ishikawa(石川)
    4. Fukui(福井)
    5. Yamanashi(山梨)
    6. Nagano(長野)
    7. Gifu(岐阜)
    8. Shizuoka(静岡)
    9. Aichi(愛知)
  5. Kansai(関西)
    1. Mie(三重)
    2. Shiga(滋賀)
    3. Kyoto(京都)
    4. Osaka(尾坂)
    5. Hyougo(兵庫)
    6. Nara(奈良)
    7. Wakayama(和歌山)
  6. Chugoku(中国)
    1. Tottori(鳥取)
    2. Shimane(島根)
    3. Okayama(岡山)
    4. Hiroshima(広島)
    5. Yamaguchi(山口)
  7. Shikoku(四国)
    1. Togushima(研ぐ島)
    2. Kagawa(香川)
    3. Ehime(愛媛)
    4. Kouchi(高知)
  8. Kyushu(九州)
    1. Fukuoka(福岡)
    2. Saga(佐賀)
    3. Nagasaki(長崎)
    4. Kumamoto(熊本)
    5. Ouita(王板)
    6. Miazaki(御崎)
    7. Kagoshima(鹿児島)
  9. Okinawa(沖縄)
    1. Okinawa