Kiyomizudera(清水寺) Temple, Kyoto

Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan. It is a must visit place in Kyoto. Listed among the UNESCO world heritage sites, this temple is one of the Buddhist schools of Japan.

The vast grounds of Kiyomizudera contains many vermillion coloured gates, buildings, three-storeyed pagoda as well some huge wooden structures. The main hall of this temple has a raised-up stage with huge wooden pillars. The view from here is really beautiful as it is set up at some height over a hill. Some part of the Kyoto city as well the surrounding areas could be seen from this stage.

We can see a lot of small shrines around the temple grounds. Thick woods around this place includes some maples, Sakura and other trees and plants that make up a Japanese garden. The temple is a nice destination during spring and autumn. Autumn illuminations are held during October-November.

The Jishu jinja located behind the main hall building is a shrine dedicated to the God of Love. Here we can see two stones kept at some distance, known as the “Aiuranai no Ishi”(Love Fortune stone). It is believed that if someone could manage to walk from one stone to the next with closed eyes, he could get the true love.

Love fortune stone, Kiyomizudera

A three streamed waterfall known as Otowa fall is situated at the base of the temple main hall. Kiyomizudera got its name from the presence of this waterfall. It is believed that the water from this fall has healing properties. We can see long handled ladles placed near the waterfall using which visitors can drink the water. Drinking this Holy water is believed to bring you good fortune and long life.

Otowa fall, Kiyomizudera

There is another hall similar in shape to the main hall building, but small in size named as Okunoin. Hanataro illumination festival held in March is one of the famous festivals of Kiyomizudera.

Kiyomizudera and surrounding areas will be illuminated during mid-November to December in every year. Hanatarou festival is another day when the illumination event is held here.

Illuminations at Kiyomizudera