Best and cheapest suveniors from JAPAN

While visiting Japan, you could see so many unique Japanese items. It will be really confused thinking about which could make the perfect souvenir you could buy from here. For your family, friends and all, which will be the most suitable gift from here. Here are some suggestions for a perfect and cheapest souvenir.

  1. Japanese folding fan:  Folding fans are always a symbol of Japan and Japanese. Getting some folding fans is the best souvenir idea. Even though the price ranges from 100 yen to 1000s of yen depending upon the quality of the fan, even if you are limited in budget you can get some fans with good printing and colours(material matters).
  2. A name seal / Inkan: Getting a seal with the name carved on it is a little costly as it may be some 2000 yen to get a single piece. But you may spend some money for your dear one as they will really love to have it once you gift the seal.
  3. Furoshiki and Tenugui: Furoshiki are pieces of clothes used to wrap things in Japan and are available in many colours and prints. They will be a very nice gift you could buy from Japan with some 500-1000yen. Tenugui are the small colourful cotton towels that are much cheaper than Furoshiki.
  4. Chopsticks: Chopsticks could be bought from any stationary shops or even from the 100 yen shops with various designs and colours. It will be also an authentic Japanese souvenir.
  5. Kendama: If you are looking for a gift for children, this will do. It is one of the most popular toy items among the Japanese kids.
  6. Sake: Japanese rice alcohol is very famous. A bottle of authentic Sake will be a little bit costly too.
  7. Matcha flavored snacks: There are a lot of snacks/ sweets in Japan that came in Matcha flavour. You can buy a lot of varieties for yourself and your dear ones once you return.
  8. Crafts: Japanese lady in Kimono/ Wall hangings are another perfect gift item that could be selected and kept with to remember Japan.  It is most costly, but you can get some cheap items also if you look out in some flea markets/ second-hand shops.