How to plan a single day in Nagoya ?

Nagoya is one of the most populous cities of Japan situated in the Aichi Prefecture. There are a lot of attractions including temples, castle, shopping street, foods and so on which are unique to this city. A very planned trip to Nagoya could be enjoyed well if we start at the Nagoya castle and our visit ends up at the illuminated TV tower and Oasis of Sakae in the evening. A one day trip in Nagoya will be cheap and convenient with a one day ticket from the Nagoya station. This one day pass could be used in buses and subways across the city. From Nagoya station, take the Higashiyama subway line. Get off at Sakae (5 min) and change to Meijo line to Shiyakusho station (2 min). A 3 minutes walk will end up at the east gate of the Nagoya castle. Vast and beautiful gardens around the castle have seasonal flowers. This garden is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot of Nagoya city and during the March- April months, a lot of visitors rush here for Hanami (Sakura viewing). The gorgeous architectural appearance of this Edo period castle building is amazing.

There are two different buildings in the castle premises. The huge walls made of rocks and the moat surrounding the castle area was meant to protect the castle from sudden attacks. A small bridge like open corridor connects these two buildings. Two golden fishes (Shachihoko) structures at the castle roof is one of the main attractions of this building. It is believed to protect the castle and surrounding from evil powers and disasters. The main castle building has five different floors with various exhibits inside it. Many traditional paintings on the sliding doors, the architectural details and replica of the castle, weapons and other things from the ancient Japan, and some insect specimens are kept inside different floors of the castle building. A detailed insight of the castle history could be gained on observing the exhibits there.

The upper observation deck gives the view of major part of the Nagoya city through the lush greenery surrounding the castle area. Honmaru Goten is the palace building associated with the Nagoya castle. One of the building is reconstructed recently while other one is still under construction. The construction works could be watched on all days except Thursdays and Tuesdays. This palace building has ancient Japanese style sliding doors with paintings, sculptures of ancient residents of this palace and so on.

Opening hours : 9 am to 4 pm (Closed during Dec 29 to Jan 1)

Entrance fee: 500 yen

Site :

Atsuta Shrine

Take Meijo line to Jingunishi station(6 minutes) and walk for about 10 minutes to reach the shrine entrance.

Situated away from the modernization of the Nagoya city, Atsuta shrine is the second largest Shinto shrines of Japan after the Ise Jingu. It encloses a sacred sword named Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

But this treasure could not be displayed except during the ascension of the Emperors in Imperial family that this sword will be made visible. Destroyed during the Second World War and reconstructed after that, this shrine is dedicated to the five gods of Atsuta. The tranquil surroundings of this shrine has vast grounds and pathways, small shrines, years aged huge trees, museum of history etc. The museum preserves some garments, weapons, furniture and other items from its history. Thousands of visitors are coming to this shrine every year. Many ceremonies and festival are conducted here annually.

Entrance fee :

Shrine : free

Musuem : 300 yen

Opening hours :

Shrine : always , museum : 9 am to 4.10pm

Site :

Osu Kannon

Dedicated to the Kannon god(God of mercy), this temple with its reddish colour and appearance attracts the camera eyes. The temple area is not so vast as compared to some other big temples of Japan. There is a worship hall and pagoda, a Japanese style small garden with Buddha statues, bell tower, purification trough and other common temple holdings. Osu shopping street is a hue shopping area of Nagoya.

There are more than 1000 shops and restaurants in this street. On 18th and 28th of each month, a flea market ill be held here which is a olden chance to grab antique items of all sorts. Almost all times, this street ill be filled with people energetically moving around to buy goods ranging from toys to electronic items.

Open always Free

Railway museum

The SCMALEV and railway museum of Nagoya is one o the biggest railway parks opened by Japan central railway,. It displays almost all the train models from the ancient time to current ones. The exhibition of Shinkanzen is the number one attraction of this museum. Future magnetic levitation trains are also displayed here. Visitors can enter inside most of the train cars and understand the mechanism of various pars of the train. Also, there are simulation facilities available at the second floor f this museum building which helps to experience the virtual travel riding experience of Shinkanzen ad MAGLEV models.

Aonami line to Kinjofuto station(25 minutes)

Open : 10am to 3pm (except Tuesdays, dec28 to Jan 1)

Entry : 1000yen

Sakae TV tower and Oasis 21

Oasis 21 and the TV tower are situated in the Sakae. TV tower of Nagoya is the first broadcasting tower of Japan and was designated as the lover’s Sanctuary in 2008. Our different floors of the tower have different peculiarities. The lowest floor is opened to visitors for free of cost, while an entry ticket could be bought from the third floor for entering the upper floors of this tower. Different floors o this tower gives a panoramic view of the surroundings in various seasons.

Forth floor is opened for conducting wedding parties and other functions. The observation deck of this tower at 90 meter height offers a complete view of the city from all directions. Oasis 21 is a multi level park complex built in the theme of Space ship Aqua. The upper floor of this building has water filled glass roofing’s from where we could see the lower floor.

Hours : 10am to 10 pm (Apr – Dec)

10 am to 9pm(Jan -Mar)

Fee : 700 yen(adults ) ,300 yen(children ), 600 (ae over 65)

TV tower :

Entry : free

Finally at around the Nagoya station to experience the night beauty of the city. There are so many choices for you to select in this street. Enjoy your lunch here at the shopping street. (Hatsumabushi is a famous dish of Nagoya which is grilled eel on cooked rice. : Unagi horaiken )