Shinhotaka Ropeway

 Shinhotaka Ropeway

Shinhotaka is one of the famous hiking destinations and tourists spots located near Takayama of the Gifu prefecture. The snow that remains even at the beginning of the summer season is the peculiarity of these places. Hot springs and other entertainment activities are also attracting a lot of tourists to these mountain ranges.

Shinhotaka is another destination near Takayama for snow lovers. The first

largest ropeway of Asia is situated on this mountain.  Japan’s first double-

decker gondola cars started operating at the Shinhotaka ropeway. There is a

small ropeway with single-storeyed cars taking visitors from the bus station the

main ropeway station situated at the Nabedaira Kogen.

Both these stations

have shops, restaurants and other attractions. The big ropeway cars climb up to

the Hotaka mountain ranges in some 7 minutes covering about 800 meters over

the woody mountain ranges. They can accommodate 70 people at the bottom

and 50 at the top decks. This ropeway ride is a nice experience for every


The panoramic view of the snow-filled valleys with peeping coniferous

tree tops and well-defined hiking paths in between the snow along with the

mountain ranges in the background is ineffable. At the upper ropeway station,

there is a building with souvenir shops, restaurants, etc. The topmost floor of

this building has an observation deck from which we can enjoy the beauty of

Shinhotaka and its surroundings. Name and other details of all the mountains

around us could be seen noted on boards situated at the observation deck. We

will be standing at an altitude of 2156 meters while watching the scenery

created by these mountains.

Ropeway cost

For the two ropeways, roundtrip costs 2900 yen for adults and 1600 yen for

children. For the second ropeway only, the cost is 2800 yen for adults and 1500

yen for children.

Other attractions

Shinhotaka Mountain is one of the autumn destinations of Japan. Shinhotaka

Onsen is a famous hot spring situated here which is also attracting visitors to

this area, especially in winter.


*Bus from JR Takayama to Shinhotaka ropeway stop(lower base station)

(1 hour 15min, Cost: 2160yen)

*Private vehicles can park at the lower base station as well as Nabedaira


Opening hours: 9 am to 2.15pm (Dec- Mar)

8.30am to 2.45pm(Apr-Nov)