SCMAGLEV and Railway Park of Nagoya.

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park of Nagoya is one of the railway museums in Japan opened by Japan Central Railways in 2011. Almost all the train models of Japan starting from the ancient steam locomotives to the designs of future are displayed here. A visit to this museum is inevitable for those who love trains and want to know about the mechanisms behind it.

Separate areas are dedicated for displaying various models. Various models of the most modern and high-speed bullet train or Shinkansen is displayed in one corner of this museum. MAGLEV or the magnetic levitating trains are the latest among the displays here.

The two floors of the museum building have many train models exhibited at the ground floor while the upper one has information regarding the mechanisms inside the train and some train simulators. At the first floor, the very first Japanese train models are displayed in one section along with the names, time during which it run and so on. Much more advanced and latest models are also displayed nearby. Every model has its name and other details displayed.

The area dedicated for Shinkansen is the number one attractions of this entire museum. Highly developing technologies of Japan is contributing a lot to the development of new and advanced models of these world famous bullet trains. When we start watching from the first Shinkansen model to the one that is currently running in Japan, we can understand the frequency by which Japan railway is growing. Ever recorded high speed of Shinkansen was on 26th July 1996. It was 443kmph.That model with explanation is also displayed in this area. Amazing and attractive shapes of Shinkansen are nice to watch.

Among the forty train car models displayed here, visitors can walk inside most of them. Technology and mechanisms behind trains are also exhibited in one corner of this floor where various train parts are separately displayed. There are specific timings for explaining about each part we can found there. Dr. Yellow is one of the train models that is attracting many visitors. It is cute train model in yellow color which is a center of attraction for youngsters and small children. We can see a luxury train model with dining halls and kitchen inside it. The interior of this train is just like a big hotel which is amazing.



SCMAGLEV (Super Conducting Magnetic Levitating) are the Magnetic levitating trains which will rule the rails of future Japan.  Peculiarities and the plans behind these future models are explained in a separate section. A MAGLEV link will be coming into existence between Tokyo and Osaka in the near future. Videos and pictures are provided here to explain the working of these future models. Visitors are allowed to watch the peculiarities of these trains by entering inside a replica of MAGLEV train model displayed here.

More than a museum, the second floor of this building provides means for entertainment and learning. There are many interesting games through which technology can be learned. A simulation room is arranged here. Train simulators in this room could be operated by the visitors where the simulation of Shinkansen, MAGLEV, as well as normal trains could be experienced.

The duty of train conductor like signaling, operating the doors etc. is explained at the train crew simulator section. A railway model displayed in this museum is the largest of this kind in Japan. It has small train models and rail paths connecting recreated cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Hiroshima. This miniature form of Japan railway with carefully recreated cities and its surroundings is fantastic.

A visit to this museum is really worth while travelling to Central Japan. Train simulation and the opportunity to see almost all the train models under a single roof will help to understand the history and fast growth of Japan’s railway. It will provide travellers with new hopes as the distance reduces with the introduction of faster transportation facilities.