Norikura is one of the famous hiking destinations and tourists spots located near Takayama of the Gifu prefecture. The snow that remains even at the beginning of the summer season is the peculiarity of these places. Hot springs and other entertainment activities are also attracting a lot of tourists to these mountain ranges.

Mount Norikura is located at the border of Gifu and Nagano prefectures. Situated in the Hida ranges, Mount Norikura is one of the famous mountains of Japan. Snow walls of Norikura are the center of attraction in this place. Due to the heavy snow, trips to this mountain are possible by the end of winter season only, starting from May. Mt. Norikura is the third largest mountain of the Northern Alps Ranges. Vehicles passing in between the snow covered hills and valleys through the steep roads leading to the mountain create anxiety and slight fear at the same time. Upon accessing the surroundings of the Mount Norikura, we could see large snow walls on both sides of the road between which our vehicles will be moving through. As we step out of the vehicle, we could see the huge mountain covered in a white blanket of snow touching the sky. The routes marked over the white snowy mountain for the skiers and hikers could be seen. On some parts of the mountain, we could find green tree tops peeping through the snow. Skiers can be visible from the foot of the mountain just like small dots moving over the top of the mountain ranges.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The route with snow walls leading to Mount Norikura is called the ‘Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route’. This area has many small and large snow walls. The tallest among these walls is situated along the Echo line road which has a height of 10 meters. All the by-roads in this region have small snow walls along which we can walk and enjoy the white surroundings lifting heads over us on both sides.

Events in Norikura

Heavenly Marathon of Norikura is the most famous Summer event of Japan. It is conducted up to 2700 meter which is half way altitude of Mount Norikura. Runners from all parts of Japan participate in this event held in every year during the month of June. ‘All Japan Norikura Cycling Race’ is another popular event conducted in the same month.

Other attractions

Norikura Onsen Kyo is a place where a large number of hot springs are located. The Norikura Kogen Onsen is a famous natural hot spring of Norikura. Even though the place is famous for its snow walls, the autumn foliage of Norikura is also famous. The nature of Norikura is blessed with waterfalls, thick forest, lakes, beautiful mountains, and valleys.

Access :

From Matsumoto to Shin-ShimaShima station (30 min, cost: 700 yen). Then take Alpico bus to Norikura Kogen(45min, 1350 yen).