Ceramic museum and ceramic festival of Gifu prefecture

Ceramic museum and ceramic festival of Gifu prefecture

Gifu city has a lot of places manufacturing ceramic potteries and other ceramic items. Tajimi and its nearby areas are the most important areas that make Japan’s finest ceramic products from early history onwards. Nature has blessed these areas with good quality clay that helps in the production of best quality ceramic items of the entire nation. There are many famous artisans in these regions.


Mino Ceramic park, Tajimi

Ceramic park of Gifu is situated in Tajimi city which was opened in the year 2002. It is Japan’s only ceramic museum with lots of collections from the nation and abroad. It is not only the museum, but also the surroundings also is beautiful. Upon reaching the ceramic park building complex, there is a long walkway connecting the main entrance and the building. The ceiling of this area is decorated with pieces of ceramics. The ceramic park building consist of the Museum of modern ceramic art, tea ceremony house, an observation tower, exhibition area, classrooms, restaurants, a gallery, souvenir shops, workshop etc. Visitors make their entry to the building at the large roof. From here, we can see the stairs connecting all the four levels of the museum building. The slanting walls of the building have water trickling down to a pool at the bottom. Colourful ceramic pieces are used at the plain areas of each level. There is an international ceramic festival conducted here in every year and we can see the competition items displayed at one end of the museum. There are participants from many world nations. The names and the theme are written in English too so that international visitors will not get troubled. Colours, shapes, and other notable features of the ceramic pieces are stunning. There is an area where the history of the ceramics is displayed. The importance of Tajimi city in ceramic production of Japan’s history is also explained here. Other important things related to ceramics of the nation are explained by the guides of the museum. The tea ceremony hall has a nice green background of the thick trees on the hilltop. The peaceful atmosphere and the nice scenery of this museum complex situated on the side of a hill is an apt place for refreshment It is opened on all days(except Mondays) from 10 am to 6pm. Jan 3, Dec 29 are also closed. Entry costs 320 yen for adults. It is less for children and students.

Access: From JR Tajimi, take bus to Ceramic Park (15 minutes).

English website : http://www.cpm-gifu.jp/museum/19.english/19_1englishtop

Ceramic festival at Oribe Street of Tajimi

A lot of ceramic producers are situated in the Tajimi area of Gifu prefecture. Oribe Street of Tajimi city has many small and big ceramic shops and galleries. The main building of Oribe Street has displays of works by famous artisans of Japan. These pieces are the unique works and are very costly. Most of the houses here were producing ceramic items in the past. So we can see shops and museums running inside almost all the houses along this street. A ceramic festival will be conducted in this street during every year. It is on the second Saturday and Sunday of April. Along with watching cherry blossoms and other flowers in the cool spring, visitors can buy their favorite ceramic items at a favorable price. There are more than fifty different ceramic makers running small stalls and displaying their works during this time. Situated near to the banks of Toki River, Oribe Street will be crowded with visitors from various parts of the country on these festival days. Game areas, food stalls and other common festive attractions also will be arranged here. Artigiano is a famous bread shop in this street. For those who love to taste various varieties of unique breads, it is the best place to have your tea after the festival shopping.

Toki Oribe Hills

Oribe Hills of Toki is an area where a lot of famous companies producing ceramic items are located. Many branded ceramic producers have their unit running in the vast rounds of Oribe Hills.

A lot of shops have various varieties and range of collections. They offer items from small quantities to bulk amount. It includes kitchen wares, other ceramic items like household things, decorative pots and lights etc.