Trip to Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto.

April 2012: After visiting the Nijo castle, we went to the ‘golden temple of Kyoto'(Kinkakuji). Crossing the Entrance gate, we reached the ticketing office. From there, we took the entrance tickets and walked towards the gate. Along with the tickets, there was a talisman. Couldn’t understand what is written on that piece of paper. When we crossed the Somon gate, we saw the Shoro bell tower. Also, there were some other buildings on the other side where entry is not allowed.

There was another gate (Somon gate) that leads to the garden of Kinkakuji. On the way, there was a bell tower and some other buildings where entry is not allowed.

We walked towards the pond with the golden pavilion at its center. Kinkakuji is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto.The temple is situated in between a vast beautiful Japanese garden. It has three floors with the roof covered with gold leaves. The architectural features of the building explained that the first floor built in an aristocratic style and the second is in Samurai style. The first storey is made of wood while the upper two are covered with golden plates outside. There is a statue of a Phoenix bird at the top of the roof. The pavilion is so pretty in the middle of Kyoko-chi pond surrounded by trees and plants. The reflection of the pavilion, the rocks and the surrounding garden trees just like a clear mirror is really amazing.

But the rain didn’t allow us to stay there for long. As it started showering, we walked forward along the pavement near the pond. There were stone pavements that lead to a garden with a waterfall named  Ryumon Taki. After walking some more steps we reached a place where some statues are kept on the ground along with a bowl in front of it. People were throwing coins aiming it. There were a lot of coins surrounding the statues.

After walking some more, we reached a tea house (built in Edo period). There were many people in the teahouse area enjoying their green tea. At last, we reached a small Buddhist temple where visitors were lighting candles and incense sticks. We prayed there and walked towards the shops to get our souvenirs.

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