Minamichita,Aichi (南知多、愛知県)

Strawberry picking (いちご狩り) 

It was my Japanese teacher who invited us for Strawberry picking with them. As strawberry is one of my favorites, I was really thrilled about the day. As it was the starting season of Strawberries, the first taste of Strawberry of the season can be made a feast, I thought. We decided to eat a lot of berries, and reached Minamichita’s Ichigogari. It was really cold and the wind was too strong. We waited inside the car for the time to start.1
At 10am, it started. For half an hour of strawberry picking, it costs 1600 yen per head. Before getting inside the greenhouse, they gave us a plastic plate and a small cup of sweet milk cream. Entering inside and seeing a lot of Strawberries hanging down from the plants grown at a height of our hands, we were confused about which one to be picked and from where. Every berries were staring at me with its cute colour and freshness. My teacher started eating and her plate seems to have lot of sepals. We also started eating. It was really sweet and it tastes more when ate with the cream.2


During the first few minutes, I ate a lot and thought that it’s really simple to eat some 50 fruits. But as I reached some 18, I was full and couldn’t eat more. Then we started clicking some snaps. Along with that ate some berries too, very slowly. By around 20 minutes. We decided to quit. Tired!! After taking a group photo with the help of a person in charge there, we returned.

Flower garden ( 花ひろば) 

After the Strawberry picking, we went to the flower garden nearby where we can pluck 10 flower stems of Nano hana( 菜の花 ) and as many as the slender stems of the same which is a very tasty green leafy vegetable. It costs 430 yen per head and they gave us scissors and cover for collecting the stems. The field was covered with yellow flowers on one side and the other side with the younger ones without flowers(those used for cooking).4

On the way back we entered a restaurant. The restaurants of Minamichita are mostly serving seafood, as the place lies near to the sea. And for the first time, I ate Sashimi, the famous raw fish recipe of Japan. I was a little scary, but was able to eat 2 pieces and it doesn’t tastes bad. I could eat it, I realized. And there were some other food items too, served in-front of us, fishes,crabs,prawns,oysters etc. There were some tanks with live fishes and oysters near the reception, which they are used for cooking. It was really a good experience.




After that, we just stopped near the shore. There were barbecue arrangements on the seashore, where we can buy fresh seafood and enjoy there. Since it was really strong cold wind blowing outside, we returned very soon. This place must be surely enjoyable during summer.8


Sakana hiroba(魚ひろば)

The next places we visited are the sakana hiroba(魚ひろば) of Toyohama and the Ebisenbei no Sato(海老煎餅之里). Sakana Hiroba is a fish market with lot of varieties of fresh fishes at also cost. they are selling some fish products also.



Ebisenbei no Sato(海老煎餅之里)

Ebisenbei(海 老煎餅之) is a common Japanese rice crackers with shrimp. There were a lot of varieties of senbei found there. They are providing free samples of each type of senbei and people are rushing to taste each to decide which all to buy. There was some program conducted inside for the children here they are taught how to make senbei and decorate it.




We bought some senbei packets and say “sayonara” to the Minamichita reion for now. With the hope that we could enjoy a summer over there very soon.