Climbing Mount Fuji!

It was my dream to climb Mt. Fuji from the time I reached Japan. As I was very excited about the hike, and talk about it to my Japanese friends, they told that it is really hard. Most of them explained about the physical issues that I might have to encounter with. Also came a long list of things that has to be carried all the way up to the mountain. Hearing them, I couldn’t even think about the possibility of carrying these much items. Anyway, we started climbing the mountain early in the morning at about 5am with a torch tied across our head. It was really dark, but the excitement and anxiety encouraged us all the way up to the entire altitude of Mt.Fuji : 3776 meters.

Sun coming up! The most exciting and ineffable moment for me during the hike. It was magnificent !!

Walking over the clouds, another unforgettable experience. Felt like we are entering the heaven across the sky.

Every single moment of climbing Fujisan fills our eyes and cameras with the majestic picturesque of the environment around us.

We met a lot of people, who were coming down. They were staying at the mountain top last night to experience the view of sunrise.  It is one of the most beautiful sights that can be achieved at this place. To our surprise, the hikers include both elder ones and children who all are climbing the highest peak in Japan. Some of them gave us (and others climbing up) cookies and snacks. So kind the Japanese are!!

Not only is Fujisan a hiking location, but also it is an active pilgrimage site: one among the 3 sacred mountains of the nation. There is a small shrine as we approach the top of the mountain. A Torii gate of the shrine and some other structures could be seen there.