Ise Jingu : the Grand shrine.

Ise Jingu is the biggest among the Shinto shrines of Japan. Situated in the Mie prefecture, Ise Jingu is at a five minutes walking distance from Iseshi station.

As we made our trip to Ise during the New Year time, it was highly crowded. There was a river named Isuzugawa that connects the shrine ground with the outside. The sacred bridge called Ujibashi take the visitors to the shrine. Many of the visitors threw coins into the river. Some of them were washing their hands in the water.

Throwing coins into these rock statues is another practice that I found there. Seems similar to the Indian practise of offering coins in temples.

Hundreds of years aged trees are found there. The temple round was extremely wide. We walked about one hour to reach the main shrine. It was easy to walk at the beginning but as we reached near the shrine building, it was thickly packed  with people. A New year visit to this shrine is considered as a really great thing.

Tranquil grounds of the shrine area are the best place to refresh our minds and walk around. It is a nice woody region.

This simple purification trough with bamboo pipes seems interesting.

Ema(wooden plates with wishes written on it) with these pictures are unique of this shrine.

There are a lot of big and small shrines found here among which two are the biggest. People used to worship some huge trees also. There were thick straw ropes named Shimenazawa tied across some trees and Torii gates.

Every structure found here were wooden with the no artificial colours used for painting or so. The unique peculiarity of this shrine is that the shrine buildings are reconstructed every 20 years. It was in 2013 that the last reconstruction was done here.