Nagoya City, JR Station

Nagoya is one of the most populous cities of Japan situated in the Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture. There are a lot of attractions including temples, castle, shopping street, foods and so on which are unique to this city.

JR Nakashimaya building(JR Central Towers,Twin Towers)
High monument in front of the JR station(Sakuradori Side).


Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers(モード学園スパイラルタワーズ).


Nana-chan doll (A tall doll set up on the side walk).


View From JR Nakashimaya building.


View From JR Nakashimaya building.


Bic Camera Building(Taikodori Side).


Bic Camera Building (Taikodori Side).


Taikodori Side.

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