Wakakusa hill(若草山), Nara

Wakakusa hill is a 342-meter high mountain situated behind the Deer Park and Kasuga Taisha Shrine of Nara. This beautiful mountain is a grassy area where the deer of the Nara park are grazing. From the top of this mountain, an entire view of Nara city could be enjoyed. Visitors can climb the mountain throughout the year except during winter. There are two gates on both sides of the mountain, one through the grassy slopes and the other side has shades of trees. A small trail could be seen along the grassy slopes of the hill.

Hiking the mount through this grassy slope will be more troublesome especially in summer. There is not enough tree-shades to rest on this way.

At the foot of the mountain, there is a row of cherry trees. During April, these spring flowers increase the beauty of Wakakusayama which will be filled with fresh green grasses after the winter and Yamayaki. Yamayaki festival held in January last Saturday every year is a famous festival held at this mountain. Fireworks will be done at the mountain top during this festival. The festival is done by burning the grass over the mountain.


We can see lots of deer resting at the calm areas of this mountain valley. The wide streets infront of the hill is a calm area to enjoy the beauty of nature and shop some souvenirs. There are many souvenir shops situated opposite to the Wakakusayama.

Street infront ofWakakusayama
Deer resting at the foot of Wakakusayama

This mountain is also called Mikasayama as it looks like a combination of three hills. This greenish grassy mountain and the surrounding nature fills the mind with a pleasant experience.