Todaiji Temple in Nara

Todaiji Temple(Great Eastern Temple) in Nara is one of Japan’s most famous Buddhist temple. It is the landmark of Nara. Located near the Nara Park, this temple is the house of the famous Nara Daibustu. It is one of the most ancient statues of Great Buddha. This statue of “Vairocana” Buddha is having a height of 49.1 feets. This statue has reformed and repaired so many times as it faced destructions due to natural disasters. The Todaji temple main hall (Daibustsuden) is one of the largest wooden structures in Japan. Todaiji is listed as the UNESCO world heritage sites. 



Surrounding the Great Buddha statue, there are some other statues inside the Daibutsuden. We could see a huge wooden pillar at the left side of the Daibutsu. It has a hole at the bottom. It is said that the hole has a size equal to that of the nostril of the Great Buddha statue. And it is believed that you are able to pass through it, you will get enlightenment in your next life. We can see so many people making a try to pass through the hole, most being children. There are a small souvenir shop and Omikuji corner inside this hall.

The glorious temple building situated in the middle of a beautiful lawn with trees and some flowering plants is really a great view.