Applying for Newborn’s Indian passport in Japan

When I searched for the details regarding the application procedures for my baby’s Indian passport in Japan, of course, the first and foremost useful information I got it from Indian Embassy’s website.  Apart from that, to clear my details what I could find were some discussions in a forum. So I called the Embassy to clear my doubts. And they cleared every doubt regarding the procedures for applying for my expected baby’s passport.


I still remember that the lady on the other side was laughing hearing that the baby was not yet born. Actually being in a new nation, passport and VISA are a must for even a newborn. And as a mom, I was really worried about how and by which time I have to carry out the formalities for that. I was well aware that I won’t be able to do such things by myself after the childbirth. I thought that getting an idea of how to carry out the procedures will be helpful for my hubby who will be busy at work and home. And I could understand from my experience that what I have done was perfect.

Here, let me discuss the procedures I have gone through. Hope it will be helpful for some of my Indian friends who are planning to have their baby born in Japan.

First of all, register your baby’s birth at the Ward office and get the residence card for your baby from the nearby Immigration office.

I gave birth to my baby at a Ladies clinic in Gifu prefecture. So the birth certificate issued by them is in Japanese(Even though I asked for the English version, unfortunately, they didn’t have it). If you are in such a situation, you have to get the birth certificate translated into English before starting the procedures for Passport application. There are certified translators throughout Japan. It cost 10,000 yen for me to get the certificate translated from Japanese to English. (You can search for a certified translator here.)

What all to be included with your application form?

All the details regarding the application are given on the Embassy website. For newborn’s passport, please check the portion PASSPORT FOR NEWBORN CHILDREN AND REGISTRATION OF BIRTH in the table. The documents needed are (I am just relisting the items you can see on the website):

1. Application form: Application form can be filled online and the printout is to be taken. Then at the prescribed fields, baby’s thumb impression should be made.

I took two copies of the filled up application form because I doubted whether I will be able to get my baby’s thumb correctly in a single try. I bought some blue ink stamp pad from the convenient store and used it for taking the thumb impression of my baby. 

2. Residence card of the newborn and its copy: You can see on the website that if the residence card is not ready by the time, you have to submit the receipt of application from the immigration office.

3. Three passport-sized photographs of your baby: The baby should be open-eyed when you take the photographs. If it is taken when your baby is sleeping, they will not accept it. Please note that the size is 5cmx5cm.

4. Passports and resident cards of both parents along with a copy of all: We have to enclose both parents’ original passports and resident cards along with a copy of each.

I was really confused and a bit scared of sending all our crucial documents by post. But you can trust the Japan post and our Nation’s Embassy. They will send back all your documents safely.

5. Consent letter: A consent letter is to be filled and signed by both the parents which is given on the website(Annexure-H).

6. Birth certificate’s copy: The birth certificate of the baby will be issued from the hospital when you leave there. If you are living in Tokyo or other big cities of Japan, you can ask at the hospital for a birth certificate in English. Attach a copy of the birth certificate(in English) with your Passport application. Else, you have to include the copy of Japanese birth certificate along with a copy of its English translation.

As you can see on the website, it cost 12,000yen [7200 yen(for the passport) + 3000 yen (for birth registration at the embassy)]. You can pay it at the Embassy if you are appearing there in person. If you are applying for baby’s passport by post, what you can do is send it by Genkin Kakitome(現金書留) which is a Registered mail by which you can send the exact amount inside a special cover given at the post office.(Please read the details regarding Genkin Kakitome here. It is given as currency registration)

It is said in the Embassy’s site that you have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for the passport. But we got our baby’s passport within 3 weeks of time. And every original document that we have sent by post was received back without any issues. Thanks to Embassy of India and Japan post.


Renewal of Indian passport from Japan

We applied for the renewal of my hubby’s Indian passport which expired around the same time when we applied for our baby’s passport. It was also done by post. But the passport renewal took around 3 and a half weeks(still it doesn’t cross the minimally expected time limit of 4 weeks).

For renewal, you have to apply for a new passport from the website. And the filled out forms along with the current passport and required documents(current passport’s copy, original residence card and a copy of it, request letter to issue a new passport, and 3-passport sized photographs) are to be sent by post. It costs 10,700 yen(as of 2017) which we can send as Genkin Kakitome(registered mail with currency registration). If you have to add or change any details in your new passport, the extra amount and the documents needed are listed on the website.