Pregnancy and childbirth: Baby (and mom)’s first days at Nakanishi Women’s Clinic

I felt mild pain on Oct 9th morning, and by afternoon we went to the hospital. They checked everything and told to come back once the pain gets worsened(when immense pain come and go in every 5 minutes duration) or if you have a bleeding. And they took my packed up bag into their cabin which they kept there until I came back in the evening by around 8.30 for getting admitted there.

One part of my room in the hospital
The resting area for visitors

I was taken to the labor room only after 2.30 in the next morning until which time they did a regular check-up at half an hours of interval. The labor room was simply a normal room, but wider with enough space. And in the midst of my immense pain, I couldn’t see what is happening around me. A midwife was with me during the entire time. And my husband accompanied me to the labor room all the time. After 4,50 when my baby came out, I looked around to see that the entire room had changed and was filled with various gadgets. And there were two other nurses, and the doctor who came in just before the baby was born. I am really thankful to everyone especially the midwife and my hubby who was with me during the whole time in the labor room, giving courage and confidence.

I was left in the labor room, without any gadgets around me. It was the same room that I saw when I entered inside last night. They asked me to take rest for the next 2 hours without getting off the bed. My mother and hubby went home. And my baby was taken with the midwives to the nursing station. They came with the baby after some 5 hours. By then, I was transferred to another room where I have to stay for the next 5 days. After feeding the baby, they took her back to the nursing station. At regular intervals, the nurse took the baby to me for feeding her.

A lunch provided at the hospital

The breakfast, lunch, snacks, and the dinner were all taken to my room at fixed timings. It was mostly traditional Japanese meals, sometimes the breakfast came as bread, pasta etc. I was exposed to daily Japanese meals for the first time. But it was comfortable for me. During the daytime, my mom was alone at home and so she came to the hospital to spend time with the baby and at night hubby accompanied us, even though it is not at all needed. Some of my Japanese friends came to visit us during the visiting hours allotted by the hospital. I was given painkillers on the first two days and took me to the doctor’s room for a checkup twice during those five days.

These items were provided at the hospital once I have been admitted there

On the third day, the nurse took the baby to the room and told to fully take care of her from then onwards. And if there are any difficulties, they were ready to offer some rest to me by taking her to the nursing station. I was asked to feed the baby in every three-hour intervals and take the weight of the baby before and after that. And they gave some instructions about giving supplementary milk to the baby. Based on the weight difference, I was asked to feed the baby with the milk which they kept on my table along with hot water kettle.

Milk bottles, Milk and water kettle(given at the hospital)

They used to provide sterilized milk bottles(6 bottles every day) and fill water in the kettle at fixed timings. And the nurse used to come and check a paper noted with the weight details of the baby and the amount of supplementary milk given to her. On the fourth day, I was told that there is no need of supplementary milk for my baby from then onwards, as my body was producing enough milk for the baby.

The nurse taught me how to change the baby diapers on the third day. On the fourth day, one of the nurses asked to go with her to teach how to bathe the baby. She gave instructions to me and asked to do like that.

On the fourth day evening, one of the nurses came and talk me about things to be taken care, details about the further check-ups, and so on. I was given a big packet of gifts(as she said). It was nothing but some catalogs of various baby products, and a lot of huge books from some gift shops with discount coupons and all. The most useful among them was a packet of Meiji’s baby milk tablet which I used to buy until my baby turned one year old.(I checked all the gifts given by them, and here is what I did with it).

On the fifth day, the nurse took my baby for a bath and gave her back to us in a new dress given by us.Until that time, the baby was wearing the dress provided at the hospital. They did some blood check for baby and she was given some vaccination during the day. At last, they took a family photo of ours before saying ‘Goodbye’ to us.

Photos of babies born at Nakanishi clinic

It was a pleasant experience at the hospital during the entire duration of pregnancy, during delivery and postpartum. Thanks to everyone at Nakanishi clinic for their entire support.