Difference between Japanese and Indian pregnancy care

1. No prescribed supplementary medicines or injections

My family was very much worried once they heard that there are no vitamin tablets given by the Japanese doctors. They couldn’t admit a scene different from what they are seeing in an Indian pregnant woman’s room. In our nation, those pregnant ladies I have seen will be having a somewhat medium sized box full of various vitamin tablets. And they will be given some injections at regular intervals. What I felt most comfortable here is that I am not prescribed with any medicines or injections(I don’t like taking lots of medicines and I am a little scared about those needles) throughout my pregnancy. In my 7th month of pregnancy, my Hb level went low and during the time I was given a syrup for some 7 days. That was the only medicine I have took during the entire 9 months.

But if you really want to take vitamin tablets all the drug stores have various brands of vitamin tablets. You can take it by your own need without doctor’s prescription. Anyway, I think it is not at all needed. You have to take care of your daily diet and include enough fruits, leafy vegetables, meat, fish(if you are a non-vegetarian) etc. in it instead of taking such medicines.

2.Weight gain issues

And one of the difficult part during the pregnancy was the care given to weight gain. During every check up I was asked to check the weight and blood pressure before entering the doctor’s room. Whenever the weight crosses the expected maximum, they sent me to the midwife to have a talk and she advised to restrict the intake of some foods like rice, sweets etc. which causes weight gain and I was asked to walk regularly.  I was forced to control the food and walked one hour daily in the evenings. Even though it was troublesome at the time, after delivery I didn’t suffer much to reduce my weight which was a great blessing.

3. No postpartum medical treatment

In India, we have a long-term medical care and treatment at home after delivery. It is for regaining the body’s strength and recover from the difficulties of delivery-related health issues. In Japan, there is nothing like that. You will be advised to take complete rest for one month(instead of the three months rest in India) after delivery. Then the doctor will do a medical examination. As per doctor’s advice, you can start doing household works little by little and return to your daily life routine.

As I had my mother in Japan during the three months after my delivery, I was forcibly taken a three months of rest, even though I wished to at least walk around after about one and half months.