Pregnancy and childbirth: Finding an OBGYN/gynecologist in Japan.

When I got a positive result with the pregnancy detection kit, what we have done was that we went to the closest women’s clinic to get a medical checkup and further advice. I think it is what most of the women do. But if you have no physical issues, it’s not at all needed to consult a doctor all of a sudden. Please bear in mind that pregnancy is not covered by the health insurances of Japan. As the pregnancy is not a disease, health insurance won’t cover the expenses related to it. But you have to go at least once to get the advice of a doctor. You can meet the OBGYN before the third month of pregnancy if you can correctly calculate it.

In Japan, there are many midwives clinics which (to my knowledge) are traditional Japanese ladies clinics for giving birth. And there are private Ladies clinics and Public hospitals. Besides from the Public hospitals, there is a difference in cost when it comes to the private clinics. And of course, private places provide more services(than necessary) at their clinics. During childbirth, it costs a lot of money, among which some amount will be provided to you by the city. While selecting a hospital for giving birth, you should think about what you are giving priority: the cost, or the facilities and extra services provided to you during your postpartum days at the hospital.

I am living in Tajimi city, of Gifu prefecture. And we were sure that it’s almost impossible to find an English speaking OBGYN. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and went to Nakanishi  Women’s Clinic which is one of the most prominent private Ladies Clinic’s of Tajimi city. Every document at the clinic was in Japanese except the introduction form. As I was(and still) learning Japanese with all efforts, each second exposed to the language was my Japanese classroom.

We talked with the doctor and midwife in Japanese. Even though my hubby is good at Japanese, the medical words and explanations given by the doctors were difficult for him. Every time we visited the hospital, my doctor tried to translate difficult words, sometimes even searching the dictionary. The staff and the doctors were very helpful and the entire atmosphere within the hospital was really comfortable for me. So, without any doubts, we fixed to choose the same clinic for giving birth to my baby. In Tokyo or other main cities of Japan, I think you can find an English speaking gynecologist, as you have more options.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with the hospital or doctor you are first visiting, don’t hesitate to change the place. Pregnancy lasts for a time duration of 9 months and you have to see the same place and persons so many times during these months. The first and the foremost thing is your satisfaction and comfort. You can decide the most suitable environment for welcoming your new family member.