Umematsuri at Oo-Agata(Himenomiya) Shrine of Inuyama

 March 21, 2015: We visited the Oo-Agata Shrine during the Ume-matsuri (plum festival) in 2015. All the plum trees were flowered during that time.

There are a lot of plum varieties from all over Japan. It includes White, Pink and dark pink colours of flower. The view of a small hill behind the shrine covered with pinkish plum trees is really exciting.

The wind has adorned the hill and the small pavements with flower petals. The breeze was charming when it showers the tiny petals over us. It welcomed us on to the top of the hill with a flower shower. The sight from the top of the hill is really awesome and couldn’t feel like getting out of there leaving such a beautiful place. Since the winter has just left, the slightly cool breeze and the warm sun rays provided a better climate that allowed us to spend a long time over there. Everyone seems really enjoying the breeze as it showers a flower  ‘rain’.

Oo-Aagata is believed as the goddess of wedding and childbirth. The wooden wishing plaques(ema) of this shrine contains wishes like a child or a happy married life.

The shrine had a lot of visitors. Hence many temporary souvenir shops including plants, fruits, food etc. were opened at that time. There was some grant event called Oagata Jinja Hohnen-sai(Harvest festival) held on March 15th every year and this year’s had just done last week. There were still some rituals and programs being conducted there. We saw a priest doing some prayers on a new car.

After spending some time in front of the shrine, we waited at the place arranged for some event without knowing when or what is going on there. The seats arranged there were simple and traditional. We sat there for some 30 minutes. As there is nothing happening soon, we decided to return.