Tsukushi(つくし), the edible weed

March 15, 2015: On the way to Inuyama with our friend and his family, he suddenly stopped the car near a paddy field. The field seemed to be bare with muddy surface and there were two people picking something from the slopes. We were really confused about why we are there. Then our companions also started bending down at the slopes and picking something from the ground. It was some weed, called Tsukushi (horsetail) which will show up the stalks during the onset the spring. Our friend told that it is really delicious and can be used in Japanese dishes.

As we people don’t know how to cook it, we plucked some stalks for them which we collected in a cover. There was an old man with a cover full of Tsukushi stalks and still continuing his job over there. He seems to be picking it from the morning. It was in a calm area, far away from the city. It was really interesting to pluck it without any hindrances. Even though it was early spring time, the sun rays were a little warmer.

We managed to pluck half a cover of the weed stalk while my friend explained the cooking procedure. His wife cooked some Tsukushi for us the very next day. She stir-fried it with meat and it was delicious.