Nabana no Sato (なばなの里) winter illuminations, 2014.

We decided to go for the winter illuminations of Nabana no Sato on Dec 28, 2014. When comparing the bus and train from Nagoya, it is cheaper to travel by train. There is another line bound to Nabana no Sato called the Kintetsu line. But JR is cheaper and the JR Nagashima station is very near to the Kintetsu Station. Arriving at JR Nagashima Station, which is a small one without even the ticketing gate, we walked to the bus station(5 minutes) in front of the Kintetsu Station. Fortunately, we were able to get on the very first bus for Nabana no Sato at that time.

Even though the illumination starts at 5 pm only, it was already crowded by 4:15 pm. Taking the entry tickets worth 2100yen, we get inside. The entry costs only 1000 yen, but the rest amount was given as coupons that can be used for shopping inside the park.

As there was more than half an hour for the illumination to start, we decided to use our first coupons for a Yakisoba. It was really interesting to watch the three Yakisoba cooks. They were saying “Oishiku nare, Oishiku nare” while cooking. It exactly cost our single coupon of 500 yen, we both have two more coupons each. After enjoying our Yakisoba, we walked near the entrance itself.

There is a rotating observation deck, like a mushroom, which is rotating around the area. Its roof has the shape of Mt.Fuji. Even though we decided to enter it once the illumination starts, we couldn’t do that because of the heavy crowd that arrived after 5 pm.

At 5 pm, a bell rung with a countdown and the lights were turned on. There are no words to describe the feeling when we were surrounded by colourful lights all around. Different colours, shapes, camera flashes all around, and can’t make an estimate on the number of people present there. The crowd moved like a flowing river.

We also joined them. They took us through a tunnel of illumination and that 10-15  minutes of walk made me think that we were in a fairy land. Couldn’t even lift our hand or stand peacefully to take a photo. We took some photos while walking.

After crossing the tunnel, we reached a part of the park where a show is conducted. The 15 minutes duration show uses lakhs of colourful LEDs to depict the seasonal changes of the famous Niagra falls. It was amazing, it is unbelievable that those all are the tricks played with light.

Niagra falls, in colourful autumn, birds flying across the falls, frozen falls of winter and so on. We watched four times, through four different directions, each of which was different experiences. There is an observation deck to view the show from where we can enjoy the beauty of illuminated falls at its peak.

While returning after the show, there was another small tunnel of lighting, which was greenish(leaves) with some flowers in between them. It started raining and we get inside some shop. Hurriedly we selected some souvenirs and hired the next bus to Nagashima JR station.