Charming winter – My first winter in Japan: Diary

Dec 18, 2014: This is my first winter in Japan and of course in my life. The first snowfall occurred in Tajimi on 2nd December this year(2014). It was really interesting and I felt so happy seeing the snow flying down. But that snow didn’t stay for long. By afternoon everything melted off. What I saw outside was only the white caps on trees, cars, and roofs.

The first heavy snowfall of the year occurred last night, on Dec 17. The roads got fully covered with snow when we woke up in the morning. Everything outside was white in colour – the roofs, roads, cars, trees – everything looks totally different. Yesterday was really colder and everyone said that it will surely snow. The wind was forceful making everything to freeze.

I went for a morning walk, to see how the place looks like after the snowfall. I came to knew that it is really troublesome to walk through the melting snow – slippery and dangerous. Vehicles were moving very slowly. Most of the people were walking to catch their train instead of their private vehicles. For me and some old men who went out for a walk, it was interesting. I loved the nature’s beauty in its white dressings. I had my camera with me, which I clicked every now and then. Even though it is the usual path where we walk every day, this time I felt everything different. I am so happy!!

The snow has started melting off. ;(