Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno park is a big public park situated at Ueno, Tokyo. Many attractions are present in the park and the surrounding areas which include some historical remainings, temples as well as the famous Ueno zoo. When we went there in 2014, there was a music band playing some instruments made out of bamboos.

There is a statue of the Imperial Prince Komatsunomiya Akihito who was the founder of Japanese Red Cross Society.
There is a small Inari shrine situated in the Ueno park- Gojouten (Hanazano Inari) Jinja. Many small vermillion painted tori gates and fox statues are there.

The Great Buddha statue situated in this park is actually a historical monument. The giant Daibutsu that has been situated there was destroyed in some earthquake. The metal of the statue was used during the world war for making weapons. Only the head portion of the statue is currently present there.

We could see a temple at the other side of the road which has an octagonal architecture. It is the famous Betendou temple of the Ueno park.  At the southern part, there is another large pond called Shinobazu pond. There are a lot of pedal boats and ordinary boats for the visitors. After boating, we spend some time over there and moved to the Ueno zoo.

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