Eihoji temple in summer and autumn, Tajimi, Gifu prefecture

Eihoji Temple was established in 1313 as a school for Zen Buddhists. I have been there in three different seasons each of which adorns the temple and its surroundings giving it entirely different appearances.

After the spring (2012):

The temple was under repair when I went there for the first time. A vast Japanese garden with various varieties of trees like pines, Cherries, maple etc. and a pond with Koi fishes is the number one attraction of this place. As it was just after the spring, most of the cherry trees had some flowers in between the light green leaves. There is a bridge connecting the temple and the garden. Behind the garden is the Toki river.  It was really a wonderful experience spending time at the bank of the river.


It’s after two years that I visited Eihoji for the second time. The colourful world created by the season around us could be enjoyed at its peak. It was a Sunday morning and the peak day of autumn fall in the area. Eihoji Temple had a large number of visitors. There was some wedding ceremony too. The pond is surrounded by maple trees, which turns the entire area reddish. Koi fishes were also enjoying the season as they were fed by the visitors. The great Ginko (Iccho) tree 700 years old was still green while all other Ginkos had already turned golden yellowish.

Then we went through the walking trail between the woody mountains. Almost all the trees have name-boards tagged on it. A small bamboo forest is also there. Many small Buddha statues and temples could be seen on both sides of the path.

The path leads to a quiet road. There is a white statue opposite to a park. It is a monument of the warriors from Tajimi who lost their lives in the World War.