My trip to Norikura

It was my great dream in life to visit a place full of snow. As I reached Japan by March end, I just missed the winter season. Even though there was a snowfall at some night, I missed it too.

As I heard about the snow walls of Norikura, we decided to go there and enjoy the snow which still remains at the mountain tops during early summer. We reserved for a bus tour to Norikura and Shinhotaka ropeway on May 27, 2012. That was our first bus tour in Japan. The tour started from Nagoya station with 50 passengers including two guides. Most of them were old people. Guide asked the travellers about various things and she kept on speaking all the time. Since I couldn’t understand what she is telling. The bus made two stops for refreshment. At the first place, there were some shops with Japanese traditional food items. At the second place, there was noodle factory. Various steps included in noodle making was explained for the visitors. Freshly made noodles could be bought from there.

A Japanese style lunch was served from the bus. The box had Onigiri(rice balls), boiled egg, steamed potatoes, vegetables, fried prawns and chicken and a packet of Green tea.

Once we reached down the valleys of Mt. Norikura, we could see the snowy mountains kissing the sky. It was really an exciting trip for me as our bus passed through the steep road with great snowy mountains on one side and deep valleys on the other side. At last, our bus passed in between the snow walls of Norikura. It was the most awaited and thrilling moment for all the travellers. It was the most famous `Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route` with snow walls on both sides.

A sight from the way to Norikura.
Snowy mountain tops of Norikura.
On the way to Norikura.

I was totally excited once we reached there. Seeing such a snowy place for the first time in my life, I just ran out of the bus. Walking through the white grounds, taking some snow in hands, making some snowballs over there, and of course taking some memorable photos were all that I had in mind. Having all these fulfilled, I became ineffably happy. While standing there, I felt like the sky has reached down.

A frozen lake in Norikura.
Over the snowy mountain slopes

Then we walked towards the snow walls. ‘Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route’ is famous for it’s higher snow walls. The highest among them is around 10 meters high and it can be seen along a road named Echo Line in Norikura. It is really an interesting experience to walk in between the walls of snow. We saw many skiers along the mountain slopes. In Norikura, the snow remains even in August and some skiers enjoy skiing from May to August.

After spending an hour over there, we continued our journey to “Shinhotaka Ropeway”.