Hanafesta – Rose festival in Kani

We went to the Hanafesta memorial rose garden in May 2012. There is a rose festival conducted in every year starting from mid-May to June.

We reached Kani in 20 minutes from Tajimi station and from there we boarded the bus to Hanafesta. As we approached the park area, we could see beautifully arranged roses of various varieties and colours along both sides of the road. Even outside the park, we could see as many flowers. The bus stopped near the main entrance of the garden. The entry pass costs 1000 yens during the rose festival while it is normally 300 yens.

As we entered the park, two aliens were standing in between the beautifully arranged small red roses. In front of it, there was a long chair for visitors to take photographs sitting there. There was a sales corner for roses and some other plants.

Some roses displayed for sale.
Some roses displayed for sale.


Some roses displayed for sale.
Some roses displayed for sale.

Enjoying the beauty of various varieties of roses around us, we walked forward. Each plant has its name displayed on it. The garden extends to some acres of land with more than 8000 rose varieties. There were still more roses to bloom, most had buds that will take one more week to bloom.


An animal topiary in the Park.

There is a most scenic area in the garden with a lake surrounded by trees and a valley of poppy flowers along its one side.  The entire lake is fenced and there is a small walking trail around it.

Lake inside the park.
Poppy garden at the bank of the lake.

While walking towards the building that we could see on the other side of the lake, we saw two trams riding visitors through the park.

A tram inside the park

The building showcases some bonsais with all its aesthetic sense in its own birthplace. The miniature form of huge trees and flowering plants grown in small trays are all about one or two meters height. They include peepal, desert roses etc. There were six rows of about ten bonsais.

The desert plants inside the bonsai museum.

There is another building which is a greenhouse with three floors. It has a tropical garden, desert garden, and some other plants inside it.

Some flowers inside the green house.

We bought some Chicken Karage and Yakisoba from a temporary food stall over there. After having our lunch, we walked along the small shops there. There were a lot of shops with various unique Japanese style goods. In a ceramic shop, we saw an old man painting flowers on the ceramic wares.  There was a shop with awesome wood carvings and other small items made out of woods. There also, an old man was making some small items. In an umbrella shop, an old woman was painting flowers on new umbrellas. Black umbrellas with beautiful paintings cost 5000 yen onwards. We noticed a lady playing a flute-like Japanese musical instrument. She explained about it and played iy for us.

Flute-like musical instrument.

Another beautiful part of the rose garden, where roses are bent along arches and pillars.

The last part of the garden has another building with a gift shop on the right side and a museum on the other side. We entered the museum. The manufacturing process of rose perfumes is displayed along with four different perfume samples. Some preserved flowers, flower paintings, and photographs are also displayed there.

Preserved sunflowers
Paintings at the museum.
Paintings at the museum.
Paintings at the museum.

In the first floor of that building, there is a kids training section where they teach flower-making with colour papers and their decoration. Beautifully arranged flower bouquets and vases were displayed at one side of the building.

A vase of roses

Website : http://www.hanafes.jp/hanafes/aboutus/english