Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya

From Jingu Nishi subway station it takes 10 minutes by foot to the Atsuta Shrine. The busiest roads of the city looked so beautiful with the pink, rose and white flowers on its both sides.

The shrine is situated in a vast woody area surrounded by the lively city. But it is quite calm inside the shrine grounds. The purification trough with wooden ladles laid upside down on a rack over the water could be seen very soon as we cross the main gate. There were a lot of people around the trough. We waited there watching what they are doing. They take a ladle and pour water over their hands one by one, some washed their mouth as well. It resembled the Indian practice of washing feet and hands in temple ponds before entering inside.

Atsuta is the second biggest shrines of Japan. There was some Japanese traditional danceform performed there along with musical instruments like drum, flute etc. Four girls with Japanese style were moving folding fans and a stick of bells rhythmically with the music. We watched it for sometime and walked towards the building where the famous great sword of the shrine is kept. It is a large structure with a fence in front of it. People were stand in front of the fence, bowing, throwing coins into a box on the other side of the fence and then clapped twice and again bowing. We observed them and did like that.

Once we stepped out of there, we saw a bride and groom walking towards the shrine. The bride was gorgeous in her white Kimonos.


We went near the stage again for watching the dance performance. By then, some more people have joined the girls on the stage with their flutes.

Inside the shrine grounds, there are some other buildings also.

There was a small temple along the left side of the shrine gate. We just entered there, but we couldn’t find anyone there.