Hanami at Togokusan Fruit Park, Kozoji, Aichi prefecture.

We planned to go to the Togokusan Fruit Park during the spring of 2012.  Even though the overall weather was cold, that Sunday was sunny and comfortable for a picnic. From JR Tajimi, we reached Kozoji station and walked to the Togokusan fruits park.

Roads of Kozoji were crowded with people moving towards the park and another group of people taking part in Sawayaka walking. Approaching the park, we could see many varieties of cherry trees all around. The overall colour of the park was pink. Since it was the peak day of Cherry bloom, many people were enjoying Hanami(the Japanese tradition of gathering and eating under cherry trees).

There are so many various varieties of Sakura in this park. Other kinds of colourful flowers like tulips, poppy etc. also adorns the park. There is a small pond with Cherries and some other trees around it. While walking through the park, we saw the fruit trees of the park, but the leaves have just sprouted after the winter season. There was a man standing on a board lifted over a roller and playing balls.

At another part of the park, there was a lady with a monkey playing his tricks. Such kind of small shows could be seen in Japan only at such small event venues.

Crossing a small bridge, we reached near the lake. A lot of people were fishing there. For those who wish to do fishing, rods could be rented from there.

There are two green houses inside the park where tropical fruits are grown. Inorder to enter inside, we have to take a ticket worth 200 yens per person. There are tropical trees like jack fruit, mango, coconut etc. inside it. I felt like we were in our village. There is a spiral staircase above it to watch the trees and plants inside the green house.

There were small stalls selling Takoyaki, Yakisoba and some other snacks near the entrance of the park. After eating our Takoyaki, we walked to the fruit stall of the park. It was crowded with people. Since it is the strawberry season, packets of freshly picked strawberries were sold in front of the stall. The stall sells dried fruits and other fruit-based items.