Higashiyama Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden is found at one side of the Higashiyama Park. We could see an area for kids – the Kids Zoo- while we walk from the zoo to the botanical gardens. There are squirrels, hamsters and other petting small animals there.  Some rides for the kids are also there.

An arch of the “Rose Garden” welcomes us to the village of plants. There were a lot of rose varieties in this garden.

At the main area of the botanical garden, there is a greenhouse with a beautiful pond in front of it. Some colorful water lilies are kept there. A slope of flower bed decorates one side of the pond. Fountains and flowers in that area hold me there for a long time. We entered the green house, which has three rooms. One room has some desert plants like cacti, desert rose etc. , while another room has tropical plants inside it.
Greenhouse and the park.
The flower bed.
Park in front of the green house.

I have not yet seen any carnivorous plants in real. I thought that they are gigantic plants. For my surprise, the Insect eating “Venus’ fly trap” was a small plant. But pitcher plant lids were somewhat bigger. We saw a photo of a kid holding a pitcher plant lid which is almost half of her height.

Venus’ Fly Trap

A photo inside the greenhouse – Kid holding a pitcher plant

Japanese style gardens are situated beyond a bamboo garden with various varieties of bamboos on both sides. The well-tended Japanese style garden adds to the beauty of the place. We just made a quick walk through the garden as the time was 4.30pm. The garden is so big and a whole day is needed for making a calm walk through it.

When we reached back and walked towards the exit gate of the park, we could see that animals that were set free have already get inside their respective cages and the zookeepers have started cleaning the cages.