Tokyo sky tree, Akihabara and the tokyo tower.

The Tokyo sky tree was not at all opened while we visited Tokyo in April 2012.  We saw the tower many times as we traveled via Tokyo metro. After visiting the Imperial palace gardens, we went to Kinshichō Station and walked towards the tower. But even after walking for about 10 minutes, we couldn’t reach there. We were confused and hence asked the police officer. He told us that if you are trying to access by foot, then walk forward some more minutes looking at the top of the tower so that you can understand when you are near to it. There was fun in his reply, and it highlighted the fact that we have to walk a lot to reach there. We have already started walking and were half the way from the station, so we decided to continue. At last, as the man told us, we walked another 20 minutes to reach the foot of the Skytree.

It was really amazing to see the tower from its foot. It felt like the jet planes passing above it touches its head.

With a height of 634 meters, the Skytree is actually a new television broadcasting tower of Tokyo and is now the tallest building in Japan and the second tallest structure in the world. A large shopping complex with an aquarium is there at its base and there are two observation decks in it. If we have visited there in May, we might be able to reach there and enjoy the sight from there. Anyway, we missed it. Have to make another trip to get inside the tower.

Our next destination of the day was the electronic city, Akihabara. We purchased some electronic equipment and had our dinner at a restaurant there.

Tokyo Tower was the last among our schedules. But we were too late as we reached there after our shopping from the electronic city. From the Hamamatsucho Station, we walked to the tower foot. The lighted up Tokyo tower was visible in the darkness like a fire tower. We were unable to get inside the tower and the observation deck as it was late. Even in the coldness, there were some people around the Tower. We also spend some time around the tower until we returned at 10.30pm.