A rainy morning at Asakusa Sensoji temple

After having our breakfast at the Toyoko inn, we started our Sunday at Tokyo aiming the Asakusa Sensoji temple. The rain showers couldn’t feel like disturbing anyone from their weekend schedules. After taking a one-day JR pass, we headed to Asakusa Sensoji temple. By then it was heavy raining.

Painted in red, the huge temple entrance gates, buildings, and the five-storeyed pagoda offers a great appearance for visitors even in the rain. We could see the top of the Tokyo sky tower from there, but sometimes the dark clouds were covering the tower head.

There are many small and large buildings along the temple ground. Buddha statues were situated on both sides of the main temple building. A pond with a bridge and Koi fishes in it is also present at one side of the temple area.

A lot of souvenir shops are present along the both sides of the street leading to the temple.Even in that heavy rain, the shops were really crowded.  People are not discouraged by rain to find time selecting their Omiyage (souvenir).